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World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy

Thematic Fields

I. From Frog Square to Nairobi

  1. Local knowledge: the exemplary case of Michoacan cooks.

  2. The Candidacy File and its vicissitudes.

  3. Impact of Registration against the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention.

  4. Traditional cuisines in the world: The Mediterranean and its diversity.

II. Kitchens of Spain: a case of rapid development

  1. Influences back and forth today. 

  2. The Development of Training Institutions. 

  3. The embrace between Cortés and Moctezuma - Mestizaje. 

  4. Spain bridge to the eastern Mediterranean and central Europe.

III. Local products and creativity

  1. Michoacán land of avocados and its global projection.

  2. Traditional cooks in their homeland and their contacts with innovation.

  3. Morelia, convergence of regional flavors.

Program of the VIII World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy



Morelia, Michoacan

November 24 to 26, 2023

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VIII World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy

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