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World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy

The VIII World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy will take place in Morelia, from November 24 to 26, 2023. From that beautiful city, the powerful message will be launched, on a national and international scale, that elevated Mexican cuisine to the rank of World Heritage. Humanity. At the same time, there we will be able to deepen the reflection on the strategies to ensure that the value chain that supports gastronomy and the food system affects local and regional sustainable development. This year we are joining another highly relevant event that has made the State of Michoacán renowned: the VIII Traditional Cuisine Meeting that embodies the foundations that led to the recognition of Mexican Cuisine by UNESCO.

The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Michoacán and the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture will share the responsibility of organizing this important event in its eighth edition, preceded by others held in the cities of Acapulco, Puebla, Mexico, Los Angeles, California and in the City of Guadalajara.


The World Forum responds to a design capable of reflecting the vastness and complexity of the chain of actors and factors that make up Mexican cuisine. Hence, rural producers, food industrialists, traditional cooks, avant-garde chefs, students, teachers, specialists from all branches of knowledge linked to food health, nutrition, and the defense of knowledge are incorporated into the space for reflection. traditional dishes, commerce, tourism, the relationships between the cuisines of the world, children's education for good eating and culture as an amalgamating element of the culinary system.

The World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy aims to place Mexican culinary culture in the global context, in order to proceed with an exchange of knowledge and experiences between the protagonists who influence the world of current gastronomy, contributing to triggering cultural exchanges, economic and commercial. It is about seeing cuisines from the field to the table, including their impact on an international scale and their ability to influence the promotion of cultural tourism.


The proposal to hold the VIII World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy in the City of Morelia, Michoacán lies in the fact that the State of Michoacán meets all the necessary conditions to achieve the purposes of a world-class event. In that land, throughout history, a true cult for culinary activity and an outstanding attachment to its cultural heritage in general has developed, a circumstance that allows it to host highly relevant activities and events. It is no coincidence that it was in Uruapan where the idea of ​​preparing the candidacy file that in 2010 allowed the inscription of our cuisine on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list was conceived.

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VIII World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy

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